straight [strāt]
[ME streght, pp. of strecchen, to STRETCH]
1. having the same direction throughout its length; having no curvature or angularity [a straight line]
2. not crooked, bent, bowed, wavy, curly, etc. [straight hair]
3. upright; erect [straight posture]
4. level; even [a straight hemline]
5. with all cylinders in a direct line; in-line: said of some internal-combustion engines
6. direct; undeviating, uninterrupted, etc. [to hold a straight course ]
7. following strictly the principles, slate of candidates, etc. of a political party: see also STRAIGHT TICKET
8. following a direct or systematic course of reasoning, etc.; methodical; accurate
9. in order; properly arranged, etc. [to put a room straight]
a) honest; sincere; upright
b) reliable; factual [straight information]
11. outspoken; frank
a) without anything added or mixed in; undiluted [a straight shot of whiskey]
b) not blended with neutral grain spirits
13. not qualified, modified, slanted, etc. [a straight denial ]
14. at a fixed price per unit regardless of the quantity bought or sold [apples at ten cents straight ]
15. Slang
a) normal or conventional, as in one's lifestyle; also, SQUARE (adj. 12)
c) not using drugs, alcohol, etc.
1. in a straight line or direction; unswervingly
2. upright; erectly
a) without detour, delay, etc. [go straight to bed]
b) without equivocation, circumlocution, etc.; directly [tell it straight]
c) without alteration, addition, etc. [play the role straight]
4. in an honest, law-abiding manner [go straight]
1. the quality or condition of being straight
2. something straight; specif.,
a) the straight part of a racetrack between the last turn and the winning post
b) Poker a hand consisting of any five cards in sequence: it ranks just above three of a kind and below a flush
3. Slang
a) a straight, or conventional, person
straight off
at once; without delay
straight up
served without ice: said of alcoholic beverages
the straight and narrow path or the straight and narrow
a morally strict code of behavior

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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